our Mascot

During the construction period of our distillery, we had the presence of an adorable dog, who quickly won the hearts of all our employees.

We named it Pipoca (Popcorn).

To our surprise and happiness, we found out that she was expecting a puppy. And
it was thus, in the midst of the works, that a small four-legged being was born: the
Capelinha (Little Chapel).

Capelinha’s arrival at our distillery was a true gift from fate. She was welcomed by
our team, becoming not only a mascot, but an inexhaustible source of joy and
companionship in our day-to-day lives.

It is because of all this history of affection and connection that Capelinha took on
the role of mascot and became the captivating face of our brand.

Welcome to the enchanting universe of Santa Capela, where the love for animals
and the passion for the quality of our products merge!