We, at the Santa Capela Distillery, value the sustainability and reuse of the raw material used in the production of our cachaça.

In the production cycle of our cachaça, everything is reused, starting with the sugarcane bagasse that is used in the boiler to generate steam. This is the energy that our cachaça produces.

The remaining return to the field in the form of fertilizer.

During distillation, two by-products are obtained, in addition to cachaça, head and tail of the distillation. These parts are not used to compose the final product, so we redistill them in a special column and use their alcohol for the asepsis of our factory.

After distillation, the vine remains in the still, which is rich in water and nutrients such as Ca, Mg and K, and we use it to irrigate the sugarcane field and recover soil fertility.

To save water, our production water cooling systems work in a closed loop, with a cooling tower, thus avoiding any waste.

The Santa Capela also has a complete and efficient sewage treatment system, and no waste is dispersed in nature.

We also make use of reverse logistics, which is responsible for managing the entire process of returning products and packaging so that they can be reused, recycled, or disposed of correctly.

The Santa Capela Distillery is concerned with offering products of extreme quality and purity, valuing care for the environment.