Santa Capela’s House

Our Distillery is our home. It was designed, built and equipped with the best equipment and resources with the aim of producing a line of cachaças and other products of the highest quality and purity. We grow our own sugarcane and have strict quality control so that our raw material is healthy and free of contamination. The stainless steel production line in the food standard avoids contamination in the
process. Our Copper stills are modern and contribute to a pure, light and contaminant-free cachaça. The production process is documented, traceable and uses the best available practices in its strict quality control. Our work team is a group of skilled and committed professionals, who are always seeking to surpass themselves. Our reward is in the small details: a new aroma; a combination of different flavors; in feeling that the Santa Capela is on the right track and that we are growing every day. We dedicate all our achievements to you, who like us, are also passionate about Cachaça.

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